May All Day!

It's May and we are having a blast as our Units are winding down and preparing us for 2nd Grade! 

Due to Technical Blogging issues in March, it's been a while since we had an update on our work so this is a combined post with some of what we've done in March AND April!

In Reading Workshop, we've looked at reading as "An Adventure" that we take alongside of the character(s).  We've worked hard to get to know the characters, their likes and dislikes, character traits, desires, and how they change.  We understand that authors often leave us with "life lessons" that we can carry with us through our entire life!  It's been quite the first grade journey as we adventured into our books together these past two months!  This month we will continue this combined unit as continue to study the characters and get to know their stories.  We will have multiple "Book Talks", in both small groups and whole class settings, around the characters and …

Moving into March!

February flew by and March is already here!  A special thanks to our Room Parents for throwing an amazing Valentine's Day PJ Breakfast that truly spread the love.  Check out the photos below for a glimpse of February!

We have a busy, busy month filled with a field trip to Count Basie Theater to see "The Ugly Duckling" by Hans Christian Anderson, one of our favorite holidays (St. Pat's Day), and a whole lot of learning, too!

In Math this month, we will focus on "2-digit Addition and Subtraction" for the first half of the month and then move into "Measurement" with a focus on measuring with nonstandard units and time to the hour and half hour.  Keep practicing addition and subtraction facts with one digit at home so that students can easily make the connection to 2-digit addition and subtraction.

In Writing Workshop, we will continue our narrative writing with a focus on Realistic Fiction as we practice the craft of writing a Book Series!  We are st…

February is Here!

Our first month in the New Year is over, and February is finally here! This month will be filled with not only loads of learning, but loads of excitement too! We have already celebrated Groundhogs Day, learning about Punxsutawney Phil, who has made most of our predictions (and wishes) come true! Spring will arrive early this year. Let's hope he is right! On Wednesday, February 6th, I will be saying goodbye to first grade, as Mrs. Konsig comes back! We will be working together on Wednesday to say hello and goodbye. I will miss working with your brilliant first graders, but Mrs. Konsig is excited to return and keep on exploring what first grade has to bring!

Here's the scoop on what we are learning this month!

In Math, we will continue working on counting and modeling numbers up to 120, and begin the next chapter where first grade will be comparing numbers. You can help out by reminding your learner that a one makes one, ten ones make 1 ten, and ten tens make 1 hundred! Riddle th…

Welcome, 2019!

Welcome, 2019! I hope all of you have enjoyed your winter break, spending quality time with your family. We have started working on some pretty amazing things here in first grade already!
In Reading Workshop, we are learning how to be accountable for our reading- learning how to be the boss of your reading. The key is to never give up when things get difficult! Keep trying new strategies until you learn that difficult word, read for a longer period of time, or remember key events- whatever your reading goal is! In Fundations this week, we are reviewing rules and practicing recognizing and spelling words that follow these rules (double letter, bossy e, baseword, suffix s).
In Writing Workshop, we kicked off our new unit on Opinion Writing by discussing collections we have, or that others have. First Grade's job was to convince their partner why their collection was the best. Then, working in teams, they were given an assortment of legos and tasked to create the best building they cou…