As November is coming to an end, I hope you've enjoyed time off from school with your families. Even though we are only in school for fifteen days this month, we've learned lots of new things! We started our Non-Fiction units in Reading and Writing Workshop. Our First Graders love digging into a new genre of books and writing, learning new information and teaching their readers new information every day! In math, we have been learning how to make a ten with our counters and ten frames. In Fundations, we have ended our fourth unit learning all about the double letter rule, and are beginning a new unit focusing on the sounds all, an, am. Our first Science unit is coming to an end this week. We've enjoyed learning about engineers, how to identify and solve problems, and the Design Process which engineers use (and we can use too!) to solve any problem! Our Health unit on feelings and how to deal with them is also finished! It was fun learning unique traits about ourselves and …

October Fun/November Reminders and Notices

The last two weeks of October have been filled with learning, fun, and candy! Enjoy these pictures of our class!

Friday, October 26th we enjoyed a visit to the Beach Haven Library where we read "Corduroy's Best Halloween Ever!" and "A Halloween Mask for Monster".

Here they are learning to "Floss" during a brain break!

During Free Centers, some enjoy playing board games while others draw and write on our whiteboards.

Art Center!

Nolan's Whiteboard Masterpiece!

Halloween was so much fun! Everyone had spooky, creative, fun and unique costumes!

Here is a shot of some friends with silly faces!
Thank you to our Room Parents who hosted our Halloween Party! We made creepy skeletons of our hands and arms, played Halloween Bingo (congratulations to our winners James and Nicko), guessed how many candy corns were in a jar (Kalie was closest with a guess of 250), and ate delicious Halloween treats! I hope everyone has enjoyed the month of October. There is so much more…

Celebrating Small Moments

Celebrating Small Moments
This week our First Graders have completed their first Writers Workshop Unit! We have been writing "Small Moment" narratives, writing with focus, detail, and dialogue since the beginning of the school year. After weeks of writing many small moment narratives, our writers selected their favorite story from their collection, "fixed and fancied" it up, and were published in our very own classroom. It is important to celebrate such a big accomplishment, so that is just what we did! Our celebration kicked off with a mini dance lesson. Authors then shared their published books with their writing groups, providing awesome feedback for their hard work. Finally, we had a mini ceremony where each author discussed their book and submitted it to our classroom library!